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  • Conveyor Belts for Hospitals

Bedding, food distribution and medical items and supplies are all being transported within the world's hospitals by conveyor belt. A modern hospital could have kilometers of conveyor belts winding between floors.

Hospital conveyor belts and systems require a dedicated staff to maintain their smooth operation. When breakdowns occur or belts reach the end of their life, you can turn to The Belt Shop to create a replacement belt (or repair one that's still good) that will get your conveyor system running again.

When you call The Belt Shop you're getting experience, quality of workmanship and top notch belting from a company that understands your industry. Our staff will help install and show your maintenance department the best way to ensure you get years of trouble free use from your hospital's new conveyor belt. The Belt Shop will make certain that your schedules don't fall behind. 

Contact us for a complimentary quote on conveyor belt repair and splicing and find out how we can help your business today.


" The Belt Shop and Forbo Movement Systems have a relationship that extends back a few decades. We have a lasting relationship because we believe in delivering a quality product in a timely manner with technical expertise when needed."

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