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The Belt Shop - Since 1963
  • Conveyor Belts Splicing & Repair for Wood Re-Manufacturing

We supply the tools and services that your wood re-manufacturing business needs.

Whether you manufacture home furnishings such as doors, mantels and spindles, animal bedding, or panel and chip board, we guarantee the lifespan and quality of your spliced conveyor belts. We also provide:

  • rubber in-feed belts to overhead sanders
  • endless high speed flat drive belts
  • specialty non-marking and wide width belting
  • standard package handling belting
  • roller re-covering
  • flat belts
  • belting with special rubber compounds & profiles
  • belt splicing & repairs
  • mechanical belt fasteners, tools & accessories
  • hose by the reel
  • timing belts
  • pulley lagging
  • plastic and steel modular belting & chain

Contact us for a complimentary quote on conveyor belt splicing and repair so we can help your business today.


"We're very happy with the Belt Shop: fast service, and gets orders done right."

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