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The Belt Shop can supply your business with the precise conveyor belt you need. Here are some of the major types of conveyor belt products we can supply. With over 45 years of experience in installation, repairs and maintenance, The Belt Shop is your best partner for moving your business forward.

Plastic Conveyor Belt

  • Made for easy wiping and cleaning
  • Resists damage that could be caused by cutting or hard impacts
  • Tight turning radius allows for saving of production space
  • Low friction, low corrosion threshold

Plastic Modular Conveyor Belt

In addition to providing the same benefits as plastic belts, the modular conveyor version also offers:

  • Modular construction allows for damaged sections to be replaced easily no need to replace your entire belt
  • Reduces downtime less repair time, more uptime for production

Steel Belt

  • Ideal for high pressure washing environments
  • Durable for carrying heavy loads, won't disfigure or warp
  • Carries high/low temperature, corrosive or abrasive products without damage to belt
  • Hygienic: steel is suited for cleaning and higher sanitary requirements

Chain Belt

  • Reliable for fast moving work
  • Lighter than steel, made from aluminum
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Can operate for years without any significant problem

Rubber Belt

  • Made from flexible, water-proof material
  • Elasticity makes this kind of belt great for being impact resistant
  • Material accommodates to shape of load, making it more stable and less prone to move
  • Adhesion to rubber is excellent for most loads
  • Can be used outdoors in different weather

Urethane Belt

  • Durable yet flexible transporting abrasive materials won't damage your belt
  • Hard to cut or tear
  • Impact resistant urethane retains its original shape, bouncing back from impacts
  • Weather and temperature resistant urethane doesn't deform in high/low temperatures and in exterior weather conditions
  • Resistant to liquids or greasy/oily solids

Custom Made Belt

Years of experience has given The Belt Shop the ability to meet the precise specs for your belting needs. We can manufacture your next belting/conveyor system to meet all of your needs and whatever demands your production requires.

Your solution is just a phone call/email away. Contact The Belt Shop today and let us know what your requirements are we'll give you a free quote on your job!

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"Over the years Gord has saved us a lot of money and time with his custom sizing of belts. He is amazing at cutting down waste. On his own time he has volunteered to come out to our plant and give my staff a demo on how to cut belts properly. Not too many people would do that!"

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