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The Belt Shop - Since 1963
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Since 1987, The Belt Shop has been serving the Fraser Valley and beyond with a focus on providing conveyor belt supplies and services for small to medium sized clients. Founder and President Gord McIntosh brings over 45 years of industry experience to The Belt Shop, as well as his personal guarantee that our belt splices will outlast all of your previous ones. While we stand behind behind our work, we also put a high value on honesty, reliability and customer service.

  • Belt Splices That Take the Cake

From Gord McIntosh, President and founder of The Belt Shop

For years the main problem with flat power transmission conveyor belts has been belt splice failures. Very seldom a belt is replaced because it is worn out, but often because it is showing signs of breakdown. This is so common on flat drive belts that customers tend to keep an eye on their belt drive splices because they anticipate an inevitable belt splice failure.

The Belt Shop used to be no exception, and we had splice failures of our own. One day we decided that the splicing method had to be improved so that splice failures would be a thing of the past. After considerable shop time perfecting belt splices, we were confident enough to put it through a tough field test with someone who was experiencing splice problems on flat drive belts. I contacted Jim at Newark Paperboard, and he found time for a meeting.

We discussed his belt splice problem: he had been experiencing splice failures anywhere from 13 days to 3 months, and I told him that I had been experimenting with belt splices and I was sure that mine would last one year and, if it did, I'd bring him a birthday cake.

A year passed and Jim's belt splice was still going strong, so I took a birthday cake over for Jim and his crew. I brought another birthday cake on the belt splice's second birthday. Then another after 3 years. I don't know when it finally wore out, but I do know that we haven't had a flat power transmission belt splice fail anywhere since.


The Belt Shop has been a valued customer of I.R.P. Ltd for many years.Dealing with Gord is always a pleasure.

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